Wusthof Knives Review

WUSTHOF (also named Wüsthof) is a company that is a manufacturer of knives and other cutlery accessories since 1814 in Solingen, Germany. The assortment is rather wide with more than 350 kinds of various knives available in stores all over the world. Read more articles about types of knives and knives parts in order to choose a right knife just for your needs.

The most popular Wusthof knife on Amazon

This Wusthof knives review and many others consider these knives favorite among cooks. They belong to high-quality knives, so the price is rather high (except for budget Gourmet and Silverpoint lines).

Wusthof knives features

  • they are forged knives made from 1 piece of the high carbon steel which is specially tempered (except for Wusthof Gourmet and Silverpoint lines). A special alloyed steel – X50 Cr MoV 15 – means the blade is stainless steel, sharp, stain-resistant and hard with a long lasting edge;
  • sharpness due to the PEtec technology;
  • perfect balance for control and effortless cutting;
  • stylish and ergonomic shape of a handle and blade to make cooking process effortless;
  • handles with full tang and seamless hygienic fit;
  • handles are usually three-riveted in forged knives, except for Culinar line of entirely steel knives. This is not a rule for Gourmet and Silverpoint lines as well.

Wusthof knives lines

There are different lines of knives as per the official information for this Wusthof knives review. We’ll present a 3 ½ inch Wusthof paring knife as an example:

1. Wusthof Ikon Knives Wusthof-Ikon-paring-knife

They are forged knives, have a tapered bolster, handles are made of Grenadill wood (African Blackwood) which is one of the hardest types of wood. Each knife is unique with distinctive wood grain markings of dark brown hues.

List price for the 3.5″ paring knife – $125. Sale price – $79.95 (check for discounts).

2. Wusthof Classic Ikon Knives

They are forged knives. Handles are three-riveted, black, made of a special synthetic material. The bolster is specially designed. There is another color of handles in this line. These are the CLASSIC IKON Crème handles – rather stylish and elegant design.

List price for the 3.5″ paring knife – $49.99. Sale price – $49.95 (check for current discounts).

3. Wusthof Classic Knives  Wusthof-Classic-paring-knife

These are forged knives, made from stainless steel. They have black synthetic material handles with three rivets and full tang. The distinguished feature of this line is full bolster or finger guard for safety and protection while cooking.

List price for the 3.5″ paring knife – $39.99. Sale price – $39.95 (check for current discounts).

4. Wusthof Le Cordon Bleu Knives Wusthof-Le-Gordon-Bleu-paring-knife

They are forged knives. Black handles are made of special synthetic material. They are three-riveted, with a full tang and a specially designed bolster. This is a perfect range for those who like lighter knives. Wusthof Le Cordon Bleu knives are 30 % lighter than the CLASSIC knives (e.g. a cook´s knife with a blade length of 20cm) as per the Wusthof knives review of the official manufacturer’s website.

List price for the 3.5″ paring knife – $67. Sale price – $43.12 (check for current discounts).

5. Wusthof Culinar Knives  Wusthof-Culinar-paring-knife

These are forged knives, entirely made of the stainless steel, including full tang handles. They have a sophisticated, but ergonomic design. These knives might be heavy to use.

List price for the 3.5″ paring knife – $110. Sale price – $49.95 (check for current discounts).

6. Wusthof Grand Prix II  Wusthof-Grand-PrixII-paring-knife

These are forged knives. Full tang handles are made of synthetic material and are ergonomically shaped. Don’t have 3 rivets like other lines of Wusthof knives.

List price for the 3.5″ paring knife – $60. Sale price – $29.95 (check for current discounts).

Wusthof-XLine-paring-knife7. Wusthof Xline Knives

This line is new in the 2013 catalog of Wüsthof knives. It has the X design of the bolster which comes from the lines crossing at its center. This design of the bolster is made for the optimal protection and correct handling while cutting with the knife. These knives are forged at 1200°C  and then hardened to 58° Rockwell. The blade is protected with the transparent ceramic coating (except for the edge for long lasting sharpness). This provides less food sticking to the blade, its easier cleaning and protection against corrosion and small scratches. Xline knives have three-riveted handles with full tang.

List price for the 3.5″ Wüsthof paring Xline knife on Amazon is $125 (check for discounts).

8. Wusthof Gourmet Knives  Wusthof-Gourmet-paring-knife

This line of knives is not forged like other lines of Wusthof knives (except for the Silverpoint line as well). They are made from 1 piece of steel (Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium), have synthetic three-riveted handles with full tang for all blades longer than 12cm. They are comfortable to use and the price is affordable as compared with other lines of Wusthof knives.

List price for the 3″ paring knife – $19.99. Sale price – $16.95 (check for current discounts).

9. Wusthof Silverpoint Knives  Wusthof-Silverpoint-paring-knife

These knives are also not forged. They are manufactured from one piece of steel. Handles are made of synthetic material and don’t have three rivets. These are budget knives according to the Wusthof knives review of the different lines.

List price for the 3″ paring knife – $10. Sale price – $9.99 (check for discounts).

Wusthof also makes butcher knives (there are not so many of them on Amazon though) and cleavers, which are made of one piece of steel and have handles made from synthetic material. Cleavers usually don’t have a bolster, and butcher knives have a specially designed plastic bolster.

Wusthof recommends washing all its knives by hand in warm water.

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