Sabatier Knives Review

The most popular Sabatier knife on Amazon –
K Sabatier 10″ Chef’s Knife, made in France

Many knives manufacturers located in France or some other countries mark their knives as Sabatier, but they usually use a second word or symbol in their brand names to differ between each other. Only Wikipedia names at least 30 manufacturers of Sabatier knives. The aim of this Sabatier knives review is to help you distinguish the difference between various brand names and manufacturers. So, while searching and choosing a high quality knife, use caution as Sabatier cutlery can include both high-end and cheap knives of low quality.

Experts argue that original high-end Sabatier knives have been made by well-established manufacturers since the 19th century in Thiers, France. The knives are usually fully forged. Among the oldest manufacturers since that time are K Sabatier (Sabatier Aîné & Perrier), Therias et L’Econome, Rousselon Frères (owns the Mexeur Lion Sabatier), Sabatier Diamant etc.

In order to make this review helpful for searching good knives online (in particular on the Amazon website), we will present further details only about some of the well-established and oldest knife manufacturers.

Researching the diversity of Sabatier cutlery sold by Amazon for the aim of writing this Sabatier knives review shows that only several Sabatier brand names are offered to the customers. Among them you will see more expensive K Sabatier, Déglon Sabatier, Stellar Sabatier knives, as well as cheap versions for $5 to $10 for a knife. So, here we review only some of the manufacturers in detail, mostly those presented on the Amazon website. One of them is K Sabatier who claims to be the descendant of Phillipe Sabatier, the knife manufacturer in Bellevue, Thiers of the 19th century. Another one is Deglon Sabatier, the cutlery manufacturer since 1921. The third one in this Sabatier knives review is Stellar Sabatier line of Stellar knives, manufactured by Horwood Homewares Ltd. under license from Rousselon Frères who owns the Sabatier Lion brand registered in 1812.

1) K Sabatier knives

K Sabatier 4″ carbon steel paring knife

K Sabatier knives are among high quality and expensive Sabatier cutlery presented by Amazon. Such knives are marked as “made in France” in the title and are more expensive than others. The price for a forged K Sabatier knife differs from $30 to $95. For example, K Sabatier 8” forged carbon steel chef’s knife costs about $60 on Amazon ($95 list price), and K Sabatier 4” paring knife (carbon steel) costs $36 ($50 list price). Pay attention to the logo “by Sabatier Aîné & Perrier since 1834” indicated on the blades of K Sabatier knives.

K Sabatier also manufactures different knives sets and offers the following 100% forged chef’s and kitchen knives ranges:

Authentique, Bellevue, Proxus Z50C13 stainless steel, Rockwell 54-56 HRC; black three-riveted POM handle
Authentique 1834 Limited Z50C13 stainless steel, black three-riveted POM handle; comes with a leather sleeve by Pierre Cotte.
Auvergne, Elegance Z50C13 stainless steel, Rockwell 54-56 HRC; corol three-riveted handle (this is pressed wood from Spain).
Vintage – Au Carbone Carbon steel, Rockwell 54-56 HRC; black three-riveted POM handle.
Antique K Sabatier Old knives manufactured in 1970-1980; heavy, forged by hand.

2) Deglon Sabatier knives.

Sabatier Deglon 4″ stainless steel knife

These knives are produced by the Deglon company registered in 1921 and located in Thiers, France. Sabatier DEG is one of the diverse ranges of Deglon knives. Sabatier Deg knives have forged stainless steel blades, black three-riveted thermoplastic handles and round bolster, which forms the Sabatier shape. Three rivets mean that knives have a traditional full tang with sturdy mounting.

What concerns prices for Sabatier Deg knives, they are a little bit more expensive than the relevant knives of other manufacturers presented on Amazon, i.e. K Sabatier and Stellar Sabatier. See, e.g., Sabatier Deg cooks 4’’ knife with the list price of about $42.

Other Deglon knives ranges usually have one to four-riveted, both POM and wooden handles, e.g. bubinga and beechwood. Two rivets mean a half tang and 4 rivets mean a compromise of a long tang instead of the full one. The overall design of Deglon knives is quite unusual and modern.

3) Stellar Sabatier knives.

Stellar Sabatier 3.5” X50CrMoV15 steel paring knife

Stellar is a brand name of Horwood Homewares Ltd., the UK company established in 1896 in Bristol. Stellar Sabatier is one of the Stellar ranges of knives, and Stellar Sabatier knives are made under license from Rousselon Frères who owns the famous Mexeur Lion Sabatier. The Horwood Homewares Ltd. company also owns another brand called Sabatier Judge.

Stellar Sabatier knives are forged, made from High Carbon Molybdenum Vanadium steel X50CrMoV15 and have three riveted black handles. They are less expensive as compared with K Sabatier and Deglon Sabatier brands. See, e.g., Stellar Sabatier 3.5” paring knife for the $28. 

Use caution how the logo looks like on the blade – it can look different on the Amazon results page. The official logo of Stellar Sabatier knives is shown in the picture of the paring knife.

4) Other Sabatier knives.

We intentionally will not discuss cheap versions for $5 to $10 in this Sabatier knives review. You can compare a cheap Sabatier 8” chef’s knife of other manufacturers which is claimed to be forged for less than $10 with other brands reviewed here if you like. But you will not see sufficient information about cheap knives on the relevant Amazon pages, as well as the number of customer reviews would be rather limited to make reliable conclusions.

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