Knives Parts

Whichever knives review you meet, you’ll need to understand the technical information about all the knives parts to choose the type, design, style or construction only you need. Usually knives have a handle, blade, heel, bolster, tip, spine and tang. Each part of a knife plays its own role while cutting something. You should know what exact features can satisfy your requirements.

Handle should be comfortable to use a knife with wet hands, so a handle can have indentations, be textured, wooden or rubberized. It can also be made out of plastic, steel or composite materials. The handle should feel good in your hand, no matter the knife is expensive or cheap. Handel is one of the important knives parts.

Blade is a working part of a knife. Blade can be sharpened from one angle or both. The former is considered as Japanese style, while the latter is a world standard.

Edge is a sharp part of a blade which is used for cutting and slicing food. Often you need to sharpen a knife with a special sharpener if cutting is less precise.

Tip is at the point of knives. It can be used, for example, to open something (not a bottle, of course) or to cut small pieces of food.

Spine is opposite to the edge of the blade. It is typically square-edged and adds weight to knives. If it ends with a thick tip, it can be hard to use it.

Bolster, or in other words, shoulder, shank, or collar, is a thick blade near a handle. Such knives parts keep your hands protected from slips while cutting. It gives balance and strength to a knife. Some knives can have partial bolsters or no bolster, but more often good knives have it.

Heel is the thickest part of the edge near the handle. You may need it for chopping tendons or some other force tasks.

Tang is the extension of the blade in a handle. If the blade (its steel) runs through the whole knife handle, the tang is called full. This means the blade will not come unfastened while using a knife. Many knives have the steel visible on the handle.

So while choosing a kitchen knife pay more attention to those knives parts that add additional control, safety and comfort.

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